Topic: Ramadhan

puasa       - fast/fasting (berpuasa) / break fast (berbuka puasa)
bulan        - month (merujuk kepada kalendar Islam @ kalendar ) 
bulan        - moon (merujuk kepada bulan pada waktu malam)
agama      - religion/religious (beragama/kuat agama)
wajib       - obligatory/obligation (kewajipan) /compulsory
siang        - day
malam      - night
solat         - pray/prayer i.e. i)I pray five times a day. ii) I perform Tarawikh prayer everyday during      
solat berjemaah - congregational prayer
sedekah    - donate
pahala       - reward
dosa          - sin
neraka       - hell
syurga       - heaven
gotong-royong - gotong-royong
kerjasama        - cooperate
tanggungjawab - responsibility/ responsible (bertanggungjawab)
mencapai/capai - achieve
berusaha     - strive/struggle
istimewa     - special
rahmat        - bless/blessing (dirahmati)
bersyukur    - grateful

Idioms & Proverbs

Raining Cats and Dogs
It’s raining cats and dogs
Meaning: it’s raining very heavily
Example: Let’s stay at home today. It’s raining cats and dogs, and I don’t want to get wet.

American Expressions

1)THEY SAID: What's the got your tongue? 
    WE SAY: Why are you not talking?

2)THEY SAID: Too bad about old Jake, he "kicked the bucket!"
    WE SAY: Too bad, old Jake died.

3)THEY SAID: Rise and shine.
    WE SAY: Good morning! 


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