Thursday, April 29, 2010

Presentation - COMM ENG (BBA 3102)



1. Form a group of four and pick on one the topics below. Make sure each group have different topic.

a. The concept of marriage in Islam vs. the concept of ‘couples’

b. The issue of alcoholic drinks among Muslims

c. The issue of illegal materials and Muslim customers (eg. shoes made by pig skin)

d. The concept of neigbourhood in Islam vs. the concept of individualistic in Western culture

e. The issue of fashionable but appropriate Muslims dress

f. The issue on Muslim converts to other religions (murtad).

g. The issue of sex education and Islamic point of view

h. The concept of ‘syura’ (meeting) vs. the concept of democratic applies in politics

i. The concept of cleanliness in Islam and the recycle campaign

j. The issue of technologies that bring out the bad effect rather than the good one to society.

2. From the topic above, you are required to present it in the form of advice. You can use appropriate materials (brochure, picture, mahjong paper and etc.) during the presentation since marks will be given for creativity in presenting the topic.

3. Your presentation will be on ___________________________.

Note: In order to make it easier for all the groups to see whether the topic is taken or not, please confirm the topic that you had chose along with the name of the group members in the comment section. TQ.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Common Errors in English-Parts of Speech

Parts of speech play an important roles in constructing a sentence since a sentence would not be a complete sentence without either one of the mechanics or most of them. Part of speech consist of NOUN, VERB, PRONOUN, ADJECTIVE, ADVERB, PREPOSITION, CONJUNCTION, DETERMINER and ARTICLES.

(Some of the books add interjection as part of speech and combine determiner and articles under one topic)

Download Link:-

i)Noun and Adjective (word 2007, docx)

ii)Noun and Adjective (word 97-2003, doc)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CARLA-Communication English


1)Basic Social Interaction
  • Greeting
  • To introduce
  • To Take leave
2)Forming Simple Questions and Answers
  • Definite answers. (Yes/No)
  • Extended answers
  • Question tags.
2)Conversing Effectively
3)Telephone Conversation (KIV)

4)Creating dialogue from short text (KIV)

5)Report Writing (Oral&Writen)-Coming Soon....

Notes for 'Request&Inquiries' provide specific details on the topic that we had discuss in class. Students may refer the note as to see the different approach of 'asking request'. If students have any inquiries on one of the topic please add into comment or submit it

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Smile Cure An Entire Life Pain..


Notes: The above downloads contain titles of the book for students to refer to.

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