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Listening 800/1

  5. (update 29/02/2016)
  6. (update 29/02/2016)
*online listening exercise

Speaking 800/2

  1. Speaking Tips (Download)
  2. Transitional Device (useful for speaking as well as writing components)
  3. Video - shows real speaking exam
  4. Sample Answers
  5. NEW! Notes & Exercise - Download (26/02/2018)
  • Past Year Questions (June 2014)
  • Session 1
  • Scholarship advertisements list selection criteria wanted by sponsors. Discuss one criterion. 
  • Task A:
  • Candidate A: Candidates must have excellent academic results
  • Candidate B: Candidates must be selected for programmes required by sponsors
  • Candidate C: Candidates must be all-rounders
  • Candidate D: Candidates must perform well in the interview
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the most important criterion for awarding scholarships.  
  • Session 2
  • Task A:
  • In life, people face many challenges. Discuss one of the challenges. 
  • Candidate A: Preparing for final exams
  • Candidate B: Handling a death in the family
  • Candidate C: Deciding on a career
  • Candidate D: Learning to be independent
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the greatest challenge in life. 
  • Session 3
  • Task A:
  • In the rural areas, local coffee shops are still popular. Discuss the reason for their popularity. 
  • Candidate A: People can easily catch up with local news
  • Candidate B: The prices of food are affordable
  • Candidate C: The food suit local tastes
  • Candidate D: A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the main reason for the popularity of local coffee shops. 
  • Session 4
  • Task A: 
  • Your friend is going to stay away from home for the first time in a college hostel. Suggest how he can cope with hostel life. 
  • Candidate A: He should obey the hostel rules
  • Candidate B: He should take part in hostel activities
  • Candidate C: He should make friends with others staying at the hostel
  • Candidate D: He should learn to be independent
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the best way to cope with hostel life. 
  • Session 5
  • Task A:
  • If you were a parent, what would you want your children to have? 
  • Candidate A: A good education
  • Candidate B: A love for reading
  • Candidate C: A kind heart
  • Candidate D: A healthy lifestyle
  • Task B:
  • Discuss which of the following is the most important aspect for your children to have. 
  • Session 6
  • Task A: 
  • There is a new town council in your area. Offer some suggestions for improvement to be carried out in your area. 
  • Candidate A: You suggest better maintenance of roads
  • Candidate B: You suggest improving the welfare of senior citizens
  • Candidate C: You suggest better public facilities
  • Candidate D: You suggest improving security
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the best improvement to be carried out. 
  • Session 7
  • Task A:
  • There are many memorable moments in life. Offer some examples of memorable moments. 
  • Candidate A: First day at school. 
  • Candidate B: A birthday party
  • Candidate C: A trip to a special place
  • Candidate D: Meeting a special person
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the most memorable moment in life. 
  • Session 8
  • Task A:
  • Children should show their appreciation towards their parents. What is the best way for them to do so?
  • Candidate A: Send them on holidays
  • Candidate B: Help them to do household chores
  • Candidate C: Buy them valuable gifts
  • Candidate D: Spend quality time with them
  • Task B: 
  • Discuss which of the following is the best way for children to show appreciation towards their parents. 
  • Question: (update! - 07/02/2015, 09/02/2015)
    • 04/02/2015 - Successful person depends on their relationship with others
        • with teachers
        • with family
        • with friends
        • with workmates
    • 05/02/2015 - Renting a room - discuss the most influence factor...
        • the rental
        • the suitability
        • the location
        • the other occupants
    • 09/02/2015 - What are the most things that we need to consider when plan holiday abroad
        • Money that we have
        • Times
        • Weather
        • Safety issues
    • 09/02/2015 - What are the most crucial subjects to apply in our life?
        • Math
        • Islamic and moral values
        • English
        • Living skill

MUET June 2015

Set 1
Task A:
Discuss ways to ensure the success of a group project.
Candidate A: Choose the right team
Candidate B: Distribute the work equally
Candidate C: Set a realistic plan
Candidate D: Have good teamwork among members.
Task B:
Discuss which of the ways can best ensure the success of a group project.

Set 2
Task A:
Discuss television programmes that are useful in our daily lives.
Candidate A: Television programmes on travelling
Candidate B: Television programmes on cooking
Candidate C: Television programmes on health issues
Candidate D: Television programmes on current issues
Task B:
Discuss which type of television programmes are the most useful in our daily lives.

Set 3
Task A:
Discuss effective resolutions for water shortages.
Candidate A: Water rationing
Candidate B: Other sources
Candidate C: Water bill tariff
Candidate D: Educate people
Task B:
Discuss which of the resolutions for water shortages is the most effective.

Set 4
Task A:
Discuss the best reasons why people should grow their own fruits and vegetables.
Candidate A: Good for the family budget
Candidate B: Good for the environment
Candidate C: Good for health
Candidate D: Good for making use of available land
Task B:
Discuss which is the best reason why people should grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Set 5
Task A:
Discuss characteristics that make people happy. 
Candidate A: Be grateful
Candidate B: Have a positive outlook
Candidate C: Have a good relationship with others
Candidate D: Have a goal
Task B: 
Discuss which of the characteristics above will most likely make people happy.  

Set 6
Task A:
Discuss ways to overcome tiredness.
Candidate A: Have a good sleep and rest
Candidate B: Have a balance between work and play
Candidate C: Have healthy eating habits
Candidate D: Exercise regularly
Task B: 
Discuss which is the best way to overcome tiredness. 

Set 7
Task A:
Discuss sectors or industries that have the best job scope.
Candidate A: Agriculture sector
Candidate B: Business sector
Candidate C: Manufacturing industry
Candidate D: Entertainment industry
Task B: 
Discuss which of the sectors or industries above has the best job scope. 

MUET MAC 2016 (update 29/02/2016!)

What is the most important habit a student must have in their studies?
A. Be punctual
B. Be hardworking
C. Be careful
D. Be motivated
Task B: Which is the most important habit?

What is the most urgently needed by flood victims?
A. Food and water
B. Tents and blanket
C. Clothes and shoes
D. Toiletries and medicine

Reading 800/3

Question Papers & answers
  1. MARCH 2012 
  2. JULY 2012
  3. NOVEMBER 2012
  4. MARCH 2015
  5. Answers for MUET READING PAPER 2012-2013 (Download)
PowerPoint (Bengkel Skor MUET)

Writing 800/4

*students are encourage to write comment as well as to contribute in this blog by sending us your questions paper or your questions (speaking components) in the comment section. tq  (^_^)

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